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Exotic Images By Alexa is a project I’ve long been wanting to jump into. As a photographer, originally from the United States, and having moved to a small tropical – EXOTIC – and alluring island filled with endless color, brilliant natural vistas, views and scenery, year round, I feel compelled to share much of what I see daily – with each of you. I’ll even include some of my own creations, such as “Faux Magazine Covers” for the fun of it, to show what anyone can do when given the proper circumstances.

I’ll do my best to share meaningful, ever-changing exotic scenery, plants, wildlife and more through images captured. I want to introduce you to many of the various cultures, foods, nationalities, personalities, characters and more that make up life here. This project is my baby and will be endless as well as timeless. Despite the small sizes of the islands, each one holds wondrous secrets I hope to reveal throughout time.

Many people have very likely heard of the Marianas Trench, YES? Probably. However famous or popular, the Trench  is just one of the fascinating locations native to the region. Of course, I'm referring to the Northern Marianas: Saipan, Tinian & Rota. These are the larger islands of the Commonwealth Of The Northern Mariana Islands or CNMI. Add to this, a rich history with international cultures and flavors abundant throughout the islands and their shared oceans. On the east of the island of Saipan there’s the Pacific Ocean. To the west, there’s the South China Sea. To the north the Marianas Trench, and to the south, Guam, New Zealand and Australia.

Whether on land, in the air, or under ocean waters, beauty is everywhere around us. Through this project I'll share my love of the natural beauty through captivating images that encompass the many cultures, foods, and stories that flourish here. Some of the local history has been lost, forgotten or just never taught within the educational institutions. Through Exotic Images By Alexa, I hope to correct this lack of knowledge by including each of you in my journeys, mistakes, mishaps and miscalculations along the way.

I'm passionate about my ‘exotic images project’ and will be exploring many of the islands secrets, like the “GROTTO” with it's glowing blue bio-luminescent waters, “BONSAI CLIFFS,” natural fruits, plants, animal life, and other locations, as I wander and explore the well-known tourist spots to the less traveled and hidden locations of the CNMI.

I hope you’ll join me on my travels through this wondrous international vacation (or “holiday” as some would say), retreat far from BIG city lights, noise and run-fast lives. Sit back, relax and take a virtual stroll through the streets and stores, sit on a beach or shoreline and watch gorgeous sunsets or sunrises and dare to explore the exotic, strange and beautiful imagery around us – that I call HOME. Just let yourself dream as you follow me around the CNMI.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about little ole me, you can download my photography life "bio" PDF from: http://tiny.cc/alexashawphotobio.

Thanks for joining me.

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Be safe one and all.

~Alexa Shaw, Just A Simple Photographer

There's FUN For Everyone in the CNMI!

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