Welcome to Saipan’s all volunteer educational website.

Working with 15th Parallel Photography's excellent and professional crew of photographers, This Is Saipan will be sharing little known, seldom revealed facts, history, culture, tips, tricks, foods, events and some of the tall tales that make up the island’s past, present & future.

We’ll share some of the best views Saipan provides and introduce you to some of the businesses, special events, celebrations, festivals, local people and perhaps, some of our visitors. This website is dedicated to educating the world through historical documents, letters and records added to experienced remembrances and – our images. We’d like to teach everyone about the rich histories, cultures and lives that continue to flow through the sands of Saipan’s shorelines.

Many of these journeys will include powerful, colorfully radiant images of places, events, people and fun! We’ll also do our best to offer what information we can about the vital roles Saipan and her people played at a pivotal turning point during World War II.

We’ll offer a glimpse into the aftermath of Typhoon Soudelor (August 2, 2015), and Super Typhoon Yutu’s (October 24, 2018), horrific Category 5 winds and high-speed rains that ripped through the island, leaving 97.3% total property damages and the priceless losses of life suffered by so many families. (Source – FEMA)

Tropical storms, hurricanes, tsunamis and severe weather conditions are natural occurrences that are always near. We recognize these facts and know what actions are proper. Fortunately, super typhoons are extremely rare in the Northern Mariana Islands. With the devastation of the two most powerful cyclones to hit the earth, and having never taken place in the Northern Marianas recorded history, we're hopeful as we look toward a better future - together. We are prepared, yet hopeful, it won’t happen again in our lifetime.

We’d also like “This Is Saipan” to become a valued educational instrument & inspirational website to visit and learn from, for all future generations.

Thank you,

Alexa Shaw ~ Photographer-Writer

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